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At the Growing Space we offer BACP registered counselling services for individuals and couples (integrative, person-centred and CBT), and Systemic Constellations coaching.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Counselling

We have put together some information for existing and prospective clients and we update this resource as we move through the pandemic. We offer Zoom and  phone counselling sessions, as well as face-to-face counselling in a risk-assessed environment. Find up-to-date information here


At some stage in our lives we may all get to a low point or crisis. Depression, anxiety, traumatic experiences, separation, bereavement and other profound life challenges can leave us feeling helpless or hopeless. Counselling provides a confidential and safe space to talk. It supports you in developing ways to cope and improve things.

Susanne Barthelmes

I am a qualified and BACP registered integrative counsellor and therapist and founder of Growing Space Counselling. Personal growth happens at different times and on different levels - sparked by external events or by choice. We provide you with a supportive and confidential space to grow and develop as a person. More...

Systemic Constellations

Do you experience a sense of ‘stuckness’ in your life, career or your business? Or have attempts to make changes not lasted? Have you heard about Systemic Constellations? - a surprisingly effective way to unlock your personal or your career and businesses resources and potential. Find out how it works.

Client feedback and experience of working with us

Overcoming anxiety and getting my life back

I was suffering really badly with anxiety and had developed a terrible fear of driving. I also had trouble taking public transport for fear of being caught up in a terror attack. Susanne helped me identify my ultimate anxiety. Last week I travelled home by myself from the US when 6 months ago I would have done anything to avoid that situation. I have my life back to enjoy, to travel and to be free of the chains of anxiety.

Learning skills and tools to manage challenge

Thank you for supporting me over the last year. I feel so much able and prepared in myself to overcome obstacles in my life. You enabling me to do so means a lot.

I had given up hope that I could ever change

Talking about my anxiety and learning what I can do about it, has helped me overcome my crippling fear of panic attacks and death. Some thoughts may not go away but they don't scare me anymore and they certainly won't keep from pushing myself out of my comfort zone and enjoy life.

Finding my voice makes a huge difference in my relationship

I've always been a people pleaser and was constantly worrying what people and my family think of me. Counselling has helped me to find the confidence to express myself. I've learned a lot about communication and it totally changed my relationships - at home and at work.

Saying things out loud can make a huge difference

People always say that I am all closed up; not talking about things but I find I can talk to you about things I never talked about before. It makes me feel lighter and helps me find better ways of coping and leaving the heavy stuff behind in the counselling room.

Building self-confidence

Thank you for enabling me to realise that I can stand up for myself and to help show me that my views are as important as others.

Finding clarity and insight with systemic constellations work

I asked Susanne to help me get some clarity on my current professional situation and potential changes and it was quite amazing to notice how answers were coming together in quite a natural way through the work done with Susanne in the safe, non-judgemental and supportive space she had created.

Changing direction in business with a systemic constellation

A constellation coaching session with Susanne changed my outlook  - it enabled me to understand what is actually causing the stress rather than what I imagine are my main stressors. I now know where to focus my attention!  I’d recommend this as a highly effective, engaging and insightful way of working.


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